What is Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising?

Writen by on 10th Mar 2012

The term Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising was first used in 1984, by Jay Conrad Levinson. He is known as the father of Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising. Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is about using unconventional marketing to maximize results from minimal resources. To put it simply, Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is all about matching wits instead of matching budgets.

Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is a strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are utilized, often in a localized fashion to promote a product. The term guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is easily traced to guerrilla warfare. Utilizing atypical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment.

The best part about guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is that most of the techniques are free or very cheap to implement. These strategies typically do not work for large companies because someone has to be personally accountable. These efforts can’t be outsourced.

Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is about building relationships. Relationships with everybody, even with people that have never been met in person. Establishing a reputation that is so strong that people will respond as if known on a personal level. They know the brand and that amounts to opportunities to generate profits.

Guerrilla Real Estate Advertising is more about investing time and energy than money. Finding ways to establish a presence in the marketplace.

Here are a few tips to help with guerrilla Real Estate Advertising ideas.

Be knowledgeable about the business

Sounds silly, but this is the most common mistake when it comes to marketing, guerrilla or not. Be the expert! Know the business and never stop learning.

Find the pain

Know where to attack, marketing is more successful when applied in the correct place. Know a prospect’s pain points. What do the customers really lack? People immediately notice solutions to their pain points. Human nature is to make decisions emotionally, not logically.

Do not fear reactions

Many people don’t use guerrilla Real Estate Advertising tactics because they fear the reaction of others. Don’t! People will laugh. It’s a guarantee. Making an impression can be humorous, but make an impression!

Consistency Is The Key

When implementing a guerrilla Real Estate Advertising strategy, don’t expect results overnight. The key to this kind of a campaign is consistency. If done consistently for years, amazing results will grow and grow and the costs will diminish.

Let me share an example I have been implementing for the past ten years when filling up at a gas station. It is simple and doesn’t take any time at all. This has resulted in the purchase of four properties over the years. On these four deals alone, I have made $30,000, $36,000, $18,000 and 21,000. Wonderful results if seen as extra income from marketing that cost no more than a box of business cards. Just one more strategy that added to the bottom line over the years.

Now, some have asked “Ten years and only four deals?” It doesn’t sound like much on its own. This could seem minor as a stand alone strategy, but combined with all of the other ways of generating business, it can create a stream of income for years to come! It only requires consistency and continuous implementation of as many of these tactics as possible.

Do not expect results over night. Making these activities part of your daily routine and it will create results! I cannot stress enough the importance of becoming consistent. If you are going to do this, you need to make a commitment to yourself. Promise yourself that you will follow through even if you go a month or two and do not see results. Hang in there and your guerrilla Real Estate Advertising will be a success!

How to use this website

This website is a tool. This can be a reference guide, a reminder or even a check list of real estate advertising ideas to implement. This is not the kind of website to read and then put away on a shelf to collect dust. It should be utilized as a guide to help develop your own Marketing Plan! To generate ideas and stimulate creative juices. To come up with what works for you and your market.

My entire career I attended seminars and listened to speakers, every once in a while they would tell me something new. More often, I would find that they reminded me of a technique that had used successfully in the past. Sometimes, we get so busy and forget the little details that work, the activities that bring results. Sometimes when in a slump, we get so bogged down with worry we forget the activities that we performed in the past that generated success! So keep this website as a guide and thumb through it whether you are trying to make your business explode or just get back on track.

Tips and Tricks

Before we tackle each topic individually, lets look at a list of the kind of activities we are planning to discuss. None of these items will come as a surprise and that is because there are no magic tricks here. These are all simple real estate advertising ideas that you have probably already heard of if not used yourself. It really is just a matter of getting up and implementing them for your own benefit!

Business cards
Billboard cards
Custom cards (My Personal Favorite)
• Bandit Signs
• Wrapped or Lettered Vehicles
• Post-It Notes
• Door Hangers
• Canvassing
• Write a Book or E-Book
• Join Local Real Estate Groups
• Speak at Local Real Estate Groups
• Submit Articles
• Puff Pieces
• Websites
• Free Consultations
• Pay Per Click
• Attend Networking Events
• Sponsor Charity Events
• Magnets
• Direct Mail
• Yellow Letters
• Postcards
• Free Seminars
• Facebook
• Facebook Fan Pages
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Youtube
• Blog
• Craig’s List
• Multiple Listing Service
• Signs, Signs, and More Signs
• Attend National Seminars in Your Area
• Bird Dogs
• Corporate Clothing
• Press Release
• E-lance
• Bus Tours
• Open Houses
• Referrals
• Television
• Pens
• Postlets
• Ebay
• Ring Central
• Property Managers
• Mortgage Brokers

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